In 2013, the G8 Summit took place in County Fermanagh. To give a good image of the region, which was strongly affected by the Northern Ireland crisis and rural exodus, the local authorities affixed giant posters on the front windows of the empty and closed-down shops to create the illusion of bustling stalls filled with appetising food. The effectiveness of the subterfuge was borne out of the fact that official cars travelled through these villages without stopping.

The work disconcerts visitors by focusing their gaze on this window dressing, which paradoxically speaks volumes about the economic hardships in rural Northern Ireland.

This series was presented as an open air installation at the Festival Images Vevey 2016, Switzerland under Plexiglas, echoing the artificial displays in the front windows.


Presentation video at Rencontres d'Arles "Nuit de l'année": 




External link to the exhibit in Vevey.