Cerebral Cortex plays a key role in the vision, its elaboration, memory and consciousness. 
In 2001 VZ, a housewife in Italy suffers from severe brain degeneration. Although capable of reading and speaking, she is unable to recognize all her relatives.

She can recognise the picture of one person, tough. Not her husband or children, but someone she neve met in her life: Silvio Berlusconi.

Unique case in the history of neuropsychology, this pathology led to the understanding that our brain, when it is bombarded by the same images, "stores" them in a deeper region of our consciousness.

The Cortex project, by superimposing many photographs gathered on the internet of the leaders of our planet, proposes an artistic vision of the subliminal image that our brain creates after being bombarded by images of the same person.


External link (in French) to the portfolio in Jeu de Paume Magazine.